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Client Feedback

September 9, 2009 - 

Hello Dr. Moks...

    Just one last note to tell you how much I appreciate what you did for Bess. Her tail is simply perfect, the hair is growing back and she wags it like crazy. Again, I would recommend you to anyone for any kind of surgery. Patch is also doing very well with the leg surgery you did on her earlier this year.

Thanks for a super job!!!

Phil Z.


September 1, 2009 -

I was looking at your website after my recent visit to your office. Which may I tell you was Amazing, you made me feel so comfortable. You are very down to earth and knowledgeable. I have never felt such concern and care from a doctor before. I'm so happy I was recommended to come and see you. I will be bringing my two Chihuahua's to you, one in 2 weeks to be spayed actually. I will highly recommend you to everyone, including my Mother who has a small domestic farm of cats and dogs. Thank Bernadette and Carol, they also were extremely helpful and caring.  Well thank you again for the visit today. I am so happy with the care I received and the care I'm sure I will receive in the future. Thank you again and I will see you next week for my appt.

Amy P.

January 13, 2010 -

Hi everyone. My name is Alyssa and my dad brought my cat Spaz in last Friday . I was told at (name withheld) vet that my cat was going to die and I should take him home and make him comfortable. Then my dad brought him to you and you spent more time with him and really cared about making him get well. In this short time he is doing much better. he has an appetite, he can sit up, he walks although a bit wobbly and he is much more alert as his neurological symptoms are diminishing. I know he's not out of the woods yet but he's so much better than he was and I'm optimistic. THANK YOU !

Alyssa C.


March 30, 2010 -

Hi Dr. Moks,

I was thinking of you as my 3 felines were a patient of yours when you were located in Huntington Station. I wanted to add my comment in how you had done surgery on one of my furry little babies. His patella needed to be repaired as it was shifting around. You did a great great job! Never had a problem again! That was about 13 yrs ago. He just crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. His name was Beaucoup. Although I go to another Dr. now because of the distance, I always think of you with good thoughts. You always treated my cats wonderfully. The other two are Chanel (senior girl) and Rameses (passed away recently).

I knew you were a good Dr. then. Iím sure you are great now.

Thank you for their good start in life,

Maryanne S.

Huntington Station


May 09, 2011

Just a short note to Thank you again for the wonderful job you have done on MiMi's Knee. 2 years later and she is still getting around great. The surgery was a roaring success. It could not of worked out better.

Arthur R


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