If you purchase pet medications online or at a pet store or bulk club (not directly from a licensed veterinarian), the manufacturers of those medications DO NOT guarantee the products because the manufacturers DO NOT sell their products to the online companies or stores. The online companies and stores approach other sources, sometimes out of our country with no FDA approval, to purchase large quantities of product which the outside sources then sell to the online companies and stores. Therefore, the quality and authenticity CANNOT be guaranteed. 

For example, if there was a lot failure on heartworm pills and your dog developed heartworm disease, the manufacturer will not pay for treatment. The online company may refund the purchase price of the heartworm pills, but that’s it.  If you purchased the heartworm pills from us, used them properly and there was a lot failure causing your pet to develop heartworm disease, we will work with the manufacturer to provide 100% treatment at NO COST TO YOU.

Our prices are better than other sources and we provide incentives such as free doses when you purchase 6-month supplies on flea and tick products.

Most of our clients live in the Manorville area so it is not difficult to stop in to pick up products, and we love to see you.  If needed, we can mail products at minimal extra cost to cover postage.

If you have questions, please ask – we’d be delighted to help and want your pets properly protected.  You may also contact the manufacturers directly to verify this information.